Craft Items

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Chart Paper Rs. 5.00 Per Piece (White, Pink, Green, Yellow Black, Sky Blue)
Pastel Sheet (chart Size) Rs. 15.00 Per PiecePastel Sheet A4 (Pack of 20) Rs.45.00 (Rs.3.00 Per Piece)Pastel Sheet A3 (Multicolour Pkt) Rs.90.00
Fluorescent Paper (Chart Size) Rs. 3.00 Per PieceFluorescent Paper (A4 Size) Rs. 2.00 Per Piece
Origami Paper Pkt Rs. 10.00
Handmade Sheet (Plain / Patterned / Sparkled)
Glass Paper / Butter Paper / Cellophane / Coloured Cellophane / Kite Paper / Crepe Paper/ Abri Paper / Gift Wrapping Paper
Sponge Sheet / Glitter Sheet (Stick & Non-Stick)

10% Discount on most of the Items on MRP

Fevicryl Acrylic / Fabric Colour Box 10 Shade MRP Rs. 200.00 / 6 Shade MRP Rs. 80.00Per Piece Rs. 20.00 / Rs. 25.00
Camel 12 Shade Premium Poster Colour MRP Rs.300.00 Camel 6 Shade Premium Poster Colour MRP. Rs. 80.00
Camlin Colour Pencil Small Size 12 Shades MRP Rs. 25.00Large Size 12 Shades MRP Rs. 50.00Large Size 24 Shades MRP Rs. 100.00
Camel Wax Crayons Extra Long (12 Shades)Medium Size 12 Shades MRP Rs. 20.00 Small 12 Size Shades MRP Rs. 10.00
Water Colour Youva / Rangeela 12 Shades Rs. 20.00, 6 Shade Rs. 10.00
Artist Water Colour 12 Shade MRP Rs. 185.00
Camel Artist Acrylic Colour Set 12 Shades MRP Rs 310.00
Camel Student Poster Colour Box (12 Shade) MRP Rs. 170.00 Box (6 Shade) MRP Rs. 80.00
Camlin Sketch Pen (12 Colour) MRP Rs. 25.00Sketch Pen Small (12 Colour) MRP Rs. 15.00
Camel Water Colour 12 Shades MRP Rs 100.00 6 Shades MRP Rs 50.00
Camlin Students' Oil Colours 12 Shade 20ml each MRP Rs. 570.00
Camel Student Oil Colours 12 Shade 9ml each MRP Rs. 300.00
Camel Oil Pastle 15 Shades MRP Rs. 55.0012 Shades MRP Rs. 35.00
Camlin Colour Lead Pencil 2.0 MRP Rs. 50.00
Faber-Castle Plastic Crayons 12 Shade MRP Rs. 60.00
Camel Plastic Crayons Junior12 Shade MRP Rs. 20.00
Faber-Castle Triangle Jumbo Wax Crayons 15 Shades MRP Rs.75.0025 Shades MRP Rs.125.0
Camel SparklePlastic Tube 6 Shades MRP Rs. 35.00
Fevicol Squeeze8g MRP Rs.5.00 22.5g MRP Rs 10.0050g MRP Rs.20.00105g MRP45.00200g MRP 75..00
Camlin Brush Pen (24 Shade) MRP Rs 350.00Brush Pen (12 Shade) MRP Rs. 195.00
Faber-Castle 15 Connector Pens(Free One Connector) MRP Rs.85.0010 Connector Pens MRP Rs.55.00
Fevicryl 3D Outliner Per Piece Rs.25.00
Glass Colour 6 Shade MRP Rs. 85.00
Acrylic Pearl Metallic Kit 4 Shade MRP Rs.100.00 Per Piece Rs.25.00
Camel Canvas Board STR (with Frame)20 X 30cm MRP Rs.200.00 / 30 X 40 cm MRP Rs.300.00 35 X 45cm MRP Rs.375.00 / 45 X 60 cm MRP Rs.540.00
Camel Canvas Board 25 X 30cm MRP Rs.85.00 / 30 X 30 cm MRP Rs.100.00 35 X 45cm MRP Rs.165.00 / 40 X 50 cm MRP Rs.210.00
Artist Acrylic Spary Green, Orange, Silver, Red, Coffee Brown, Yellow, Blue, Black
Fevicryl Modge Podge Gloss MRP Rs. 150.00
Fevicryl Fabric GluePer Piece MRP Rs.15.00
Camel Distilled Turpentine (Thinner) 100 mlMRP Rs. 100.00
Camlin Brush No. 1,2,4,6 (Flat) MRP Rs. 85.00
Faber Castel Flat4 Tri Brush No. 0,2,4,6MRP Rs.90.00
Faber Castel 4 Tri Brush No. 0,2,4,6MRP Rs.70.00
Camlin Inter-Changeable Specialty Brush Set MRP Rs.450.00
Camlin Round Brush Set (No. 0,2,4,6,8,10,12) MRP Rs.170.00
Different Flat Brush Different Price
Different Round Brush Different Price
Camel Charcoal ChalkPer Piece Rs. 20.00
Camlin Charcol PencilPer Piece Rs.15.00
Camlin (2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, 8B) Pencil 5 Piece Pkt MRP Rs. 50.00
2B to 10B Different Piece Different Price
Rangeela Moulding Daugh Clay 5 Shade 375g MRP 160.00 / 8 Shade 200g MRP Rs. 115.00
Camel Creative Dough Clay MRP Rs. 55.00
Multipurpose Beads
Ice-Cream Stick
Fevi Stick
Fevi kwik Rs. 5.00

Gliter Tape

Camel Creative Dough Clay 12 Shade MRP Rs. 120.00
Stitching Thred
Pearl (Moti)
Child / Kinder Scissors MRP Rs.50.00
Dual Side Tape 1/2 Inch Rs. 5.001 Inch Rs. 10.00
Packing Tape Transparent & Brown Size- 1/2,1,2,3 Inch
Creative Dough Clay MRP Rs. 100.00
Kores Cool Clay 12 Shades
Rangeela Creative Clay 8 Shade MRP Rs.70.00
Glue Gun

Sparkle Tape

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