Office & Computer Stationery

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Camlin Parmanent Marker Pkt (10 Pcs) MRP Rs. 200.00Pkt Discount 10%Per Piece Rs. 20.00
Camlin White Board MarkerPkt (10 Pcs) MRP Rs.250.00Pkt Discount 10% Per Piece Rs. 25.00
Camlin CD MarkerPkt (10Pcs)MRP Rs. 100.00Pkt Discount 10% Per Piece Rs. 10.00
Faber Castle Hilighter Pkt (5Pcs Multicolour) MRP Rs.100.00Pkt Discount 10% Per Piece Rs. 20.00
White Board Double Sided White & Green12 X 18 Inch / 18 X 24 Inch / 24 X 36 Inch

Spectra Copier Paper 75 GSM

JK Copier Paper 75 GSM

Bindals Copier Paper 70 GSM

Box File

Cobra File Laminated

Cloth Patti

Dak Pad

File Board

My Clear Bag Infinity

Pkt (10 Pcs) MRP Rs. 400Pkt Discount 15%Per Piece 35.00

Stick File Worldone

10 Pcs Pkt MRP Rs. 120.00Discount 25% Per piece Rs.10.00

L Folder A4 Worldone

10 Pcs Pkt MRP Rs.100.00Discount 10%

Paper Pin Pkt

Pin Cushion

Thumb Pin

Binder Clips

U- Clips

File Tag Lachhi

Kangaro Stapler 10 MRP Rs. 54.00Discount 10%
Kangaro Stapler HD-45 MRP Rs.130.00 Discount 10%
Kangaro Stapler HP 45 MRP Rs. 245.00Discount 10%
Kangaro Stapler Mini M-10 MRP Rs.53.00 Disscount 10%
Stapler Pin No-10 MRP Rs. 8.00
Stapler Pin 24/6 MRP Rs.19.00

Camlin Stamp Pad

  • Size 11.6x6.5cm MRP Rs.35.00
  • Size 9x5 cm MRP Rs.30.00


Finger Dumpher MRP Rs. 35.00

Pen Stand

Pen Drive SanDisk

  • 16 GB MRP Rs. 450.00
  • 32 GB MRP Rs. 650.00
  • 64 GB MRP Rs. 1100.00
Discount 20%

OTG Pen Drive Sandisk

  • 16 GB MRP Rs.
  • 32 GB MRP Rs. 850.00
  • 64 GB MRP Rs. 1400.00
Discount 20%

Pen Drive HP

  • 16 GB MRP Rs. 500.00
  • 32 GB MRP Rs. 750.00
  • 64 GB MRP Rs. 1500.00
10% Discount

Sandisk Memory Card

  • 16 GB MRP Rs. 425.00
  • 32 GB MRP Rs. 600.00
20% Discount

Calculator Casio DJ-1200

MRP Rs.630.00 10% Discount

Calcutator Oreva DR-512

MRP Rs. 220.00 20% Discount

Calculator Casio MJ-12D-BK

MRP Rs.370.00 10% Discount

Calculator CT-512

MRP Rs.195.00 Discount Price Rs. 100.00

Scientific Calculator Casio

fx-82ms 2nd edition MRP Rs.475.0010% Discount

Calculator Oreva DR-712

MRP Rs. 160.00 20% Discount

Klik Inkjet ID Photo Paper A4

MRP Rs. 102.50 Discount Price Rs. 75.00

PolyStar Film A4

Per Piece Rs.5.00

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